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The city of Millbrae is an idyllic escape for those who have tired of the hustle and bustle of nearby San Francisco. This quiet hamlet is renowned for its beautiful views, diverse population, and eclectic dining options. After languishing on the busy public transit systems of the surrounding metropolitan areas, treat yourself to drive in a vehicle from a Millbrae sedan rental service. You can lower the windows and enjoy rolling hills, crystal waters, and lush wetlands, all in one city.

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Millbrae's development reflects that of California's itself. It is part of a Mexican land grant endowed to the famous Sanchez family, purchased from them by American banker David Ogden Mills in the 1860s, and charted by a booming and successful population in 1948. You can still visit one of the oldest buildings in the area, Sixteen Mile House, built by the Sanchez family. Once a hotel and saloon, it is now one of the best known and highest rated restaurants in the area.

No visit to Millbrae is complete without a leisurely driving tour. The area boasts a Mediterranean climate with cool, comfortable winters and warm, inviting summers. Green, undulating hillsides are dotted with small parks with breathtaking views. These isolated utopias are ideal for family gatherings or romantic picnics. Head west for a hike or bike ride along spectacular San Andreas Lake or take the family for an educational visit to San Andreas Fault.

A journey to the east is like stepping into a different world. Millbrae is home to a vast and unspoiled wetland area. It is the protected habitat of one of the most diverse animal populations in all of California. This expanse is one of the few homes of the endangered San Francisco garter snake, a creature that prefers marshland surrounded by high, protective hillsides. This unique and beautiful set of conditions can be found in few places other than Millbrae.

Whatever your taste in recreation or cuisine, Millbrae has something for you. Offering the best in outdoor attractions, a taste of the history of the great state of California and the services you need to travel at your leisure, this is a city that is not to be missed.

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